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General Traits of Pug Mixed with a Husky and its Varying Features

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Pug mixed with husky

Huskies and Pugs are favourite of pet lovers across the globe, and now you can also think of a special breed of a Pug mixed with a Husky, also known as Pugsky or a Hug. As you can image, such a variety may come with the best of both the parent verities (the badness too).

As you can experience, Husky Pugs are more stubborn and highly energetic with a high prey drive. You may also see them as intelligent, challenging, but easily bored. Further, in this article, we will discuss some basic traits and caring needs for this unique dog breed.

The appearance of Pugsky/Hug

With a mix breed, appearance can largely be a guess in light of the parent breeds traits.

  • You can likely expect a Hug to be more or less of a medium size, which may be slightly larger than a pug and smaller than a standard Husky.
  • Husky features a long nose whereas pug has more of a squashed face. This results in a dog which has more of a square face like that of a Boxer.
  • The coat colouring of a Pugsky is more like that of a Pug; however, there are a few with the double-coat of Husky too.
  • Length of a pug mixed with a Husky may also be the same as of a pug. However, in some cases, you may find them longer too.
  • The face markings of a Husky may be present on a Pugsky too.
  • The shape of the ears may vary in different offspring, but it may be more like in between flat Pug ears to erect Husky ears in varying proportions.
  • One similarly as we see in both parent breeds is the curly tail, which is likely to be present at the same in a Hug too. They may have a curved tail. Despite this thing, the curl on the tail of a Hug may be less prominent than that of a Pug. It may be carried out more loosely at their back, which may be more matching to that of a Husky parent.
  • Another most important feature of Husky is its eyes with a startling blue tint. It is one thing many of the Hug puppies tend to inherit from the Husky parent.

With totally different looking breeds as parents, it will be a bit difficult to exactly gauge the look of a Pugsky or Hug to call it accordingly. Even though you may want to have a mixed look of both these breeds, genetics doesn't come that to work in your favour. Some other general traits commonly noted on Pugsky and Hugs are as below.

Squashed face, short hair, silky hair, light shedding of hair, heavy hair shedding, straight tail vs. curly, pointy vs. flat years, and dark mass.

Even though we can generalise some of the common features, the general looks of Hugs and Pugskies may vary largely from one another. There is rarely any case where you can see it looks like 50% pug and 50% husky. Some may more look like pugs, and some other may have a closer cut to Husky.